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Epharma is a web based platform that promotes goodhealth and wellbeing to all individuals as it enables medicine users to scan barcodes available on the labels of drugs so as to ensure their validity before consumption. The system also provides vital information about medicines particularly the manufactured and expiry dates, dosage  in various languages which eradicates contradictions to patients.

Medicine verification

Through transformation and innovation, we strive to improve the health and quality of life in our community. We help you scan your medicine's barcode to verify its authenticity.

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We provide you with accurate and reliable details such as manufactury and expiry dates, dosage prescriptions in various languages.


Pharmacy locations

We pursue authenticity with humility and simplicity. This is why we give you locations of your nearby pharmacies.

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Would you like to ensure the integrity of your pharmaceutical product? Or do you wish your pharmacy to be located on our “nearby pharmacy locator”? If you do, we more than welcome you to work with us.

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