The presence or existence of expired (fake)medicines in local pharmacies in Tanzania puts people’s lives under threat whereas it has been observed that there are people who tend to collect them from local pharmacies and remove the initial expired dates and replace them with virtual-prolonged ones and end up being repackaged for the counterfeit market.The WHO states we lose up to 100,000 lives annually because of expired/fake health products. The Medical Stores Department, states up to 30% of health products in Tanzania are counterfeit.

Expired or fake medication may not adequately treat minor conditions for example, minor headache, cold or serious conditions for example, diabetes or heart disease because of reduced efficacy and also could lead to antibiotic resistance in the body. As a consequence, inadequate relief from sickness could eventually lead to longer sick days, increased absences from work/school, and lost productivity at work/school.

Our Responsibility

E-pharma uses artificial intelligence technology to streamline pharmaceutical supply chain. We are able to transfer information from the manufacturer on the medicines made and supplied to distributors, then to retailers who will sell to patients. Manufacturers will have to allow us to lock the barcode of each product in our system and with no alteration, continuously undergo screening. Patients referred to specific pharmacies using our mobile app can use the app to scan the medicine’s barcode to verify its authenticity before consumption.

Apart from that the system also provides information about certain drugs particularly the manufactured date and expiry date in various languages which eradicates contradictions to patients. Moreover, our customers will be able to get locations of nearby pharmacies respective to their current location.

“We envision to be outstanding leaders in ensuring patients get the best pharmaceutical products in the communities that we serve.”


Julieth started ePharma as a student of 17 years of age, born in Dar es salaam Tanzania. She grew up in a family of two children and is a digitally empowered girl! Since she was young, she developed an overwhelming enthusiasm in technology particularly coding, robotics and programming. Whilst exploring her science venture, at the age of 16 she was among the members of Team Tanzania in the First Global Robotics competition 2018. With a passion of STEM especially medical science, she works together with her peers as a young member of the New York Academy of Sciences to grapple challenges in her community. Her aspiration is to see people have better lives and this is why she uses technology to make the world a better place to live in.


Raymond Bendict


Raymond is a Back end App developer who developed the ePharma APP.

Julieth Sewava

Founder and C.E.O

Julieth is the founder Of ePharma and a Mentee at Appsandgirls